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Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Language & Letters

The mission of the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Language & Letters Department is to provide high quality academic course work, either leading to a certificate or associate degree or in preparation for transfer into a baccalaureate degree program. Additionally, this department provides excellent scholastic support in the many general education courses required for any degree program pursued at Northern. Our programs are relevant to your personal and professional needs; they develop critical thinking skills and help you develop into an organized, focused, empowered, and independent lifelong learner.

Our programs are organized into three categories: Humanities, Social Sciences, and Language & Letters. These include a Bachelor of Arts degree in Integrated Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences, with a choice of emphasis in Humanities, Psychology, or Pueblo Indian Studies.

We also offer associate of arts degree and associate of applied science programs designed to help you prepare for employment and/or transfer to a four-year program.